Come Celebrate the Centennial of Hopewell's Little Red Library!

Saturday, March 15, 2014 at 7 p.m.

FOTHPL 2013 Annual Appeal

FOTHPL 2013 Annual Appeal Letter

What a totally awesome night…

Thank you to everyone who helped make our event a success, particularly the following donors and sponsors:

Antimo’s Italian Kitchen, Boro Bean, The Brothers Moon, DJ Masters of Entertainment, Nomad Pizza, Olsson’s Fine Foods, The Peasant Grill and twine.


Help Rebuild NJ Libraries

New Jersey libraries need our assistance in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Please join the Friends of Hopewell Public Library in supporting these valuable community resources.

We thank everyone for their generosity and support of the Hopewell Public Library throughout the years. In light of the extensive damage that many New Jersey libraries suffered from Hurricane Sandy, we will forgo our Annual Appeal and ask that you consider donating to Rebuilding NJ Libraries at http://njla.org/rebuilding-new-jerseys-libraries

Thank you,

The Friends of the Hopewell Public Library

Friends of the Hopewell Public Library are pleased to announce that our annual fundraiser, “A Taste of Hopewell” — held on March 11, 2012, at the Off-Broad Street Theatre — was a great success.

Attendees enjoyed live music and fine wine while sampling delicious fare from many renowned local establishments, all in the name of raising funds for our beloved little red library. Participants included: Antimo’s Italian Kitchen, Boro Bean, The Blue Bottle Cafe, The Brothers Moon, Da’s Kitchen, Doublebrook Farm, Franco’s, Hopewell Valley Bistro & Inn, Hopewell House Wine & Liquors, Let Them Eat Cake, Nomad Pizza, Olsson’s Fine Foods, The Peasant Grill, Rojo’s Roastery, with decorations by twine.


A hearty thank you to all who helped make the event a success!

Annual Appeal

The Friends of the Hopewell Public Library would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions toward our annual appeal fundraising efforts. As of September 2012, $12,700 in donations and matching gifts has been raised.

First Edition (Donation of over $300)

  • The Wilenius-Pannepacker Family
  • Jenny & Shawn Blythe
  • The Trustees of the Baptist Congregation of Hopewell

Gold Patron (Donation of up to $300)

  • Anonymous
  • Anthony & Laurie DeLio
  • Margaret & Woodrow Carsky-Wilson
  • The Griffin-Cole Fund
  • Anonymous
  • Doug & Connie Dixon
  • In Memory of Betty Gantz
  • Thomas Van Essen & Barbara Fishman
  • Elaine & Arnold Lesnever

Bestseller (Donation of up to $100)

  • David Krauss & Deborah Toth
  • Mary E. Runyon
  • Cornell & Susan Rudov
  • Ezra Rosenberg & Elizabeth Doverman
  • Schuyler & Liza Morehouse
  • Edward & Gayle Meredith
  • Allen E. Lepore
  • John Leger & Sophie Orloff
  • Craig & Yvonne Kunz
  • Dave & Linda Knights
  • John F. Gallagher & Beverly Glickman Gallagher
  • John & Martha Galbraith
  • Andrea Devereux
  • The Waskow Family
  • Karin Steinhaus
  • The Stanton Family
  • Thomas Shepherd
  • The Saporito Family
  • The Ochalski Family
  • Joyce Milinowicz
  • David & Elizabeth McGrail
  • Jack & Nancy McCormack
  • Lois Kotkoskie
  • Alan Kooney
  • The Seferian-Janoski Family
  • David & Jennifer Jamieson
  • Rosaline Fleming
  • William Bonthron

Limited Edition (Donation of up to $75)

  • The Veale-Goebel Family
  • Rose Scheers
  • The Poole Family
  • Nancy Feldman
  • The Barrett-Llewellyn Family
Critics’ Choice (Donation of up to $50)
  • Ginny & Todd Whitaker
  • Jessie L. Thompson
  • Bill Stoltzfus & Alison Baxter
  • George & Barbara Rovnyak
  • Frances Preston
  • Anonymous
  • Jim Ohls & Judy Pollack
  • Scott & Susan Mulhern
  • Frances Mahood
  • David Mackey
  • David Lamotte & Jani Rachelson
  • Noel & Frances Goeke
  • Stephen Eaton & Sandra Jones
  • Peter Cooper & Karen Toron Cooper
  • John Blasi & Jacqueline Perri
  • James & Nora Bahr
  • David Ackerman & Adrienne Tymiak
  • Rachel Webster
  • Emily Vickers & Tom Mason
  • The Tilman Family
  • The Stillitano Family
  • The Smith-Jacobs Family
  • Paul & Marianne Rhebergen
  • Gregory Nagy & Patricia Lange
  • The Montinari Family
  • The Minely Family
  • Doug Lansing
  • The Hamilton-Hoagland Family
  • Lyn Farrugia
  • Rosemary Farr
  • The Evans Family
  • Eleanor Edling
  • Lotte Doverman
  • The Donaldson Family
  • The Culbertson-Goldstein Family
  • Philip & Michelle Brennan
  • The Baumbach Family
  • The Swanson Family
Supporter (Donation of up to $25)
  • Elizabeth Zingg
  • George Wagner & Roberta Mayer
  • Robert & Barbara Petersen
  • Peter & Kate Pashley
  • Donald & Pamela Neece
  • Don & Rose Machusak
  • Rebecca & Jarod Machinga
  • Elan Leibner & Tertia Gale
  • Joshua L. Koslov
  • Theodore & Roxanne Klett
  • David & Nancy King
  • Dr. Robert Donohue & Susanne Islami Donohue
  • Constance Bracci-Mcindoe & Kenneth Mcindoe
  • James Bergen & Rick Weber
  • Barbara & Mark Valenza
  • The Todd Family
  • Scott & Curry Simmel
  • The Holdcraft-Sherrard Family
  • Lisa Pietrinferno
  • The Peters Family
  • Elizabeth Okerson
  • The Mokriski Family
  • Gail Miller
  • Anonymous
  • The Libby Family
  • Anonymous
  • The Hollander Family
  • Anne Hayton
  • Bob & Stephanie Harris
  • Lois Grieves
  • Geraldine Gillico
  • Scott Fulmer
  • William Franz
  • Heather Ferino
  • Martha & Robert Ebert
  • The Dyer-Kruger Family
  • Karen Crowell
  • Gwen Blecha
  • June Bente & Michael Paul
  • Anonymous
  • Zora Andrich
  • Anonymous
  • The Bellaus Family
  • Stephen & Frances Rafalowski
  • Robert & Patty McQueary
  • Evelyn Marion & Susan Harbowy
  • Lois Harris

Hello from the Friends of Hopewell Public Library. The Friends of Hopewell Public Library is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to support and strengthen our local library. We’re thankful for your generous support during this year’s annual appeal. Last year’s generous donations enabled us to provide the following:

  • A beautifully renovated children’s room
  • A brand new workstation/circulation desk
  • 2 new computers, 3 bar code scanners, 15,000 labels and 2 high-speed FIOS lines to support our library automation
  • 545 books including large print books and updated economics and nature sections
  • Subscription to 45 periodicals including New Jersey Monthly, Organic Gardening, Bicycling, Martha Stewart’s Living, Poetry, Scientific American, Saveur, Business Week, People, Time and the daily New York Times
  • 20 new DVDs, 40 new CDs, audio books and music
  • Programs for toddlers, preschoolers and elementary school children
  • Summer reading incentive program including the end-of-year community party and 40 gift certificates awarded to children who completed the program
  • All of the delicious refreshments offered at library events

The work of the Friends is essential to the success of the library. The current budget climate in NJ makes public support of local libraries more important than ever. One hundred percent of your contribution goes toward our work for the library. You can send your tax-deductible donation to:

The Friends of Hopewell Public Library
13 East Broad Street
Hopewell, NJ  08525

Watch this space for news of upcoming events and ways to support the library in other ways.


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